Our strength: complete mastery of your project

After identifying your specific needs in terms of size, volume and contents, our design office designs your silo to integrate perfectly with your existing installation.

These silos are comprised of square or rectangular shells with horizontal corrugation called “sheet piling” with interior struts.
The cross-section can be up to 15 m x 15 m with a capacity of up to 3 700 tonnes.
They are ideal for all grains (wheat, barley, maize, sunflower, rice, rapeseed, etc.).

The shells are filled either:
▪ by a chain conveyor,
▪ or a belt conveyor.

Discharge can be:
▪ by transporter under cones,
▪ or by drainage ventilation under a flat bottom
▪ or by full drain plug.

We manufacture all your hoppers to your specifications (all shapes, all dimensions): example photos

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