Depending on your process, GILLOUAYE S.A.S can design your waste treatment plant. These plants are comprised of :
▪ a reception building with unloading pit for domestic waste collection trucks,
▪ grabber system,
▪ hoppers,
▪ crushers (depending on the process).


For bulk storage
These “flat” storage warehouses are often suited to storing a single product for capacities of between 5 000 and 30 000 tonnes. They are usually unloaded by means of shovel loaders.

Ventilation for preservation of stored products can be via ducts incorporated in the flooring.


Modular “sheet piling” buildings
Our assembly business means we can created special buildings suited to the various processes in industry and food-processing, such as work towers, flooring, hardware fittings and ancillary rooms (with thermal and/or sound insulation).
▪ Sheet piling
▪ Storage buildings


… And modifications to existing installations to optimize efficiency

GILLOUAYE SAS works with industry to fit out your factories and make any modifications as part of refurbishment, extension or conversion work:
▪ various frames,
▪ racks,
▪ process silos,
▪ bearing floors for machines,
▪ gangways,
▪ personnel gangways
▪ life lines,
▪ sound insulation,
▪ dust vacuums,
▪ shuttle belts, conveyors, etc.
▪ hoppers,
▪ crushers (depending on the process).

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