The company’s main business is the manufacture of metal silos, from initial studies to assembly.

Our silos are comprised of sheet piling panels, or of square or round shells.

The main materials used are steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

In order to construct the sheet piling panels (our speciality), the sheet metal is bent or pressed. In a second stage, these components are welded to UPN beams to make up sheet piling panels (walls of metal silos). These elements are then transported to the site and assembly by our assembly teams.

The shells are prepared in our sheet metal workshop. The sheet metal is rolled, assembled and strengthened using metal struts. Hoppers are manufactured and welded to the 1st assembly. If necessary, supporting beams are built in our frame workshop using steel profiles.

We can offer other additional services such as the design of industrial buildings; mechanical handling operations, factory development or maintenance, container development, manufacture of oil tankers and other miscellaneous metalwork fittings.