The prefect of the Brittany visiting Gillouaye SAS

Patrick Strzoda, Prefect of Brittany, was visiting the company in October 2013.

Excerpt from the article in Ouest France

Leaving Guichen to Pont-Rean, turning a corner, stands an imposing studio from which emerge metallic sounds. This is the heart of society Gillouaye SAS, specialized in the construction of grain storage facilities (steel silos, but also ash silos, active carbon …).

Everything is excessive: the sheets several meters long, building silos pieces are huge.

We go out three large silos from 30 000 to 35 000 tonnes in the year. It takes nine months to build one …

In more than forty years of experience, the workshops were expanded. To remain competitive and increase productivity, the company invests in hardware, structure. Today the company has about 55 employees: boilermakers, fitters, welders and administrative staff.

This is a company with a human and family size. We are close to our employees. This is what makes us strong. We have very little turnover because employees feel comfortable; they start their career and end up here.

Read the article in Ouest France

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